Attending a Moulin Rouge! The Musical Sing-Along Performance

When are the Sing-Along performances of Moulin Rouge! The Musical?

The following performances of Moulin Rouge! The Musical will be a sing-alongs:

Can I sing along to all of the songs?

No. Due to the mash-up nature of the show and the incorporation of dialogue within many of the numbers, please only sing along to the preselected numbers.

Which songs will I get to sing along to?

You will be cued to sing along to the following songs:

  • Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!
  • Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love 
  • The Sparkling Diamond
  • Shut Up and Raise Your Glass
  • Firework
  • Sympathy for the Duke
  • Elephant Love Medley
  • Backstage Romance 
  • Only Girl in a Material World
  • Chandelier
  • Crazy Rolling 
  • Finale (Come What May)

How will I know the words?

Lyric sheets will be made available at the theatre on the night of the performance.

How will I know when to sing?

The lyric sheet you receive in the theatre will list all the sing-along songs. When it’s your turn to sing, the house lights will be raised to cue the sing-along.

How will I be able to read the lyrics in the dark theatre?

The house lights will be raised to illuminate the lyric page and prompt you to join in the singing.

Can I stand or dance at my seat or in the aisle?

Unfortunately, no. We want everyone at Moulin Rouge! The Musical to have a safe and pleasant experience. We ask that you remain seated until the curtain call.

Can I take photos or video, or record the Sing-Along?

Kindly refrain! The use of recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Who will be performing at the Sing-Along?

Casey Cott and Courtney Reed are currently scheduled to perform the roles of Christian and Satine. The remaining roles are expected to be performed by the current cast, which can be found here.

Will assistive devices be available?

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre offers D-Scriptive devices, I-Caption devices, audio induction neck loops, and infrared headsets. If an assistive device would help you enjoy the show, please visit the headset booth in the lobby corridor. These devices are provided free of charge. To reserve a device in advance of the performance, please visit or email [email protected] and provide your name, show and performance details, device request, email address, and phone number.

What if I bought tickets to the Sing-Along performance, but would prefer a different experience?

Please contact your point of purchase for assistance with your tickets.

Do you have additional questions?

We are here to help. Please contact us at [email protected].