Moulin Rouge! The Musical – Can Can! Seating FAQs

Updated November 11, 2021

Please Note: Answers to these FAQs may be updated periodically and new FAQs may be added. Please check back regularly prior to your visit to the theatre to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

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Glorious Bohemians, it’s time to claim your rightful place in the heart of the Moulin Rouge, where more is more and decadence abounds. In true aristocratic fashion, indulge yourself in a world full of splendor and romance, eye-popping excess, glitz, grandeur, glory, and electrifying enchantment.

Can Can! Seating Patrons Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Patrons must be fully vaccinated to sit in Can Can! seats. Children under 12 are not permitted to sit in Can Can! seats. In the event you cannot be vaccinated due to a medical condition or sincerely held religious belief, please email us at [email protected] to discuss any requests for reasonable accommodations to the vaccination requirement. More details on the definition of “fully vaccinated” here.

Can Can! Seating Patrons Must Wear Masks At All Times

All ticket holders must wear either a KN95 or a KF94 mask at all times due to the close proximity to the stage and performers. Masks will be provided for those who do not have one.

Can Can! Seating Patrons May Not Eat or Drink During the Performance

Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Can Can! seating area.

Photography and Recording are Not Permitted in Can Can! Seats

Photography and video or audio recording are strictly prohibited.

Can Can! Seating is Very Close to the Performers

Seats are extremely close to the stage and surrounded on all sides by the action onstage. Can Can! seating is divided into two areas on either side of an extended runway in what would usually be the location of the orchestra pit. Seat pairings are either positioned side-by-side or front-to-back.

No physical contact with the runways or stage is allowed. You may not place ANY belongings (e.g., Playbills, drinks, food) on the runways or stage at any time.

Space in the Can Can! seating area is limited. Any large backpacks, shopping bags, large packages, or bulky outerwear may need to be checked at the discretion of management.

Can Can! Seating Patrons Must Remain in Their Seats

Once the show begins, your exit will be restricted by runway bridges that are closed around the Can Can! seating area during much of the performance. Even when the bridges open, we ask that you do not leave your seats outside of intermission except in an emergency. You will also need to remain in your seats throughout the bows and finale.

Can Can! Seating Patrons Must Arrive Early

Can Can! seating patrons will need to arrive at the theatre more than 15 minutes prior to show time. After this time, at management’s sole discretion, any empty Can Can! seating locations may be offered to other patrons.

There will be no late seating in the Can Can! Seating area after the commencement of each act of the performance due to the scenic obstruction and in order to ensure the safety of the performers. You may be required to stand in designated locations or be provided with alternate seating (if available) until the intermission break (or for the duration of the performance), at management’s sole discretion.

Can Can! Seating is Not Accessible

Can Can! seating is not wheelchair accessible.