About Us

About Us

Our mission is to create raves for our theater-goers and theater-makers by guiding them through their journeys in our theatres with such care, expertise, and pride in each other, our shows, and our houses that they truly feel they belong and are compelled to return.

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246 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

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To purchase tickets, please visit Ticketmaster.com or call (877) 250-2929.

Customer service

Click here to visit our Customer Service page.


Interested in booking an event in one of our theatres? Contact us at [email protected].


For all other inquiries, please call our corporate offices at (212) 840-8181; write to us at: Jujamcyn Theaters, 246 West 44th Street, New York, New York 10036; or email us at [email protected].

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  • President

    Jordan Roth

  • President Emeritus

    Rocco Landesman

  • Executive Vice President Emeritus

    Paul Libin

  • Senior Vice President

    Jack Viertel

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Hal Goldberg

  • Executive Coordinator

    Ed Lefferson

  • Chief of Staff, Office of Jordan Roth

    Carrie Brody

  • Manager, VIP Guest Experiences

    Mike Adank

  • Executive Assistants

    Klancy Maples, Doug Middlebrook, Ali Wonderly

  • Receptionist

    Mallory Sims

Building operations

  • Vice President, Building Operation

    Toland Grinnell

  • Director of Facilities & IT

    Erich Bussing

  • Building Operations Supervisor

    Rasim Hodzic

  • IT Coordinator

    Jake LaMalfa

  • Security & Maintenance

    Adam Hodzic, Rafael Monterola, Terone Richardson


  • Chief Financial Officer

    Nicolas Larrain

  • Controller

    Sulthana Sayed

  • Accounts Payable Manager

    Cathy Cerge

  • Accounting Manager

    Ima Eka

  • Accountants

    Devon Bacon, Phillip Richards

  • Finance Analyst

    Soniga Thetheeswaran

  • Box Office Auditor & Accounting Associate

    Ashley Earick

  • Human Resources Generalist

    Ashley Nixon


  • Vice President, Legal Affairs

    Albert T. Kim

Lucky Seat

  • Chief Technology Officer, Lucky Seat

    Jeff Hubbard

  • Vice President of Marketing, Lucky Seat

    Kara Callahan

  • Operations Associate, Lucky Seat

    Krista Langan

  • Development & Operations Associate, Lucky Seat

    Aashita Desai

  • Client & Customer Service Assistant, Lucky Seat

    Alex Jaloza

Creative operations

  • Vice President, Creative Operations

    Nicole Kastrinos

Theatre operations

  • Vice President, Theatre Operations

    Willa Burke

  • Theatre Operations Managers

    Brian Busby, Michael Composto, Susan Elrod, Albert T. Kim, Susan Sunday,
    Emma Acciani, Molly Corcoran, Kira Jones, Gabrielle Muñoz, Hugh Stumpp

  • Theatre Operations Assistant

    Kari Hamwey

Ticketing operations

  • Vice President, Ticketing Operations

    Justin L. Karr

  • Director of Ticketing & Customer Service

    Lauren Vadino

  • Director of Research & Analysis

    Leslie Stonebraker

  • Ticketing Associates

    Ryan Sparks, Kimi Thompson

  • Analyst

    Diana Levy

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